About Us - Clinical Research Organization

USA & UK based US-FDA & MHRA licensed Clinical Trial supplier & Healthcare
Company with rich experience focusing on global clinical supplied.

Having a new name is just the beginning.

We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturer since 1992 of Chemical products for dyes and dyes intermediate. Gradually, we have a good market holding since 1992; but soon as you grow, you need to expand the business so we came into a new sector in terms of Pharmaceutical business.

We started our own distribution center in a growing country acquiring 36 distribution companies only for specialty and super specialty drugs to supply in medical research center, hospital & private clinics, also. Certainly, as you know, the nature of human, it can’t stop growing and adopted, we started to expand our business in Import-Export market.

We started parallel exporting, in other countries like EU, UAE, Russia, Australia, South Asia as well with a lovely margin growth in export, we started Importation of ultra control drugs, control drugs, x-schedule drugs for the patients and hospitals as well.

After export-import, we came into manufacturing of Orphan drugs with legalized system of our own distribution channel with a policy of divide and rule in various countries. As of now we have many distributors for our various ranges of products and looking forward to more growth.

Type of business we do:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Parallel Import of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Parallel Export of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Import for Patient and hospital
  • Manufacture of Orphan/Super specialty drugs