Company History

Company History :

We would like to introduce ourselves as Manufacturer since 1992 of Chemical products for dyes and dyes intermediate. Gradually, we have a good market holding since 1992; but soon as you grow, you need to expand the business so we came into a new sector in terms of Pharmaceutical business.

  • FOUNDED IN 1992


    DYES-INTERMEDIATES- Acid dyes are water-soluble anionic dyes that are applied to fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylic fibers using neutral to acid dye baths. Attachment to the fiber is attributed, at least partly, to salt formation between anionic groups in the dyes and cationic groups in the fiber. Acid dyes are not substantive to cellulosic fibers. Most synthetic food colors fall in this category.



    Started with 350 employees.

  • In 2005

    Establishment of pharmaceutical company

    Distribution to clinic and hospitals of super specialty drugs in Oncology sector holding 36 companies’ authorized distributor.

  • In 2010

    Establishment of Export

    Started to do parallel trade in branded drugs-super specialty drugs.

  • In 2012

    Started to Import

  • In 2014

    Got SGS –WHO-GDP certification for warehouse.

  • In 2015

    started to procure/import for clinical trials and ba-be studies as well as contract manufacturing of own drugs.

  • In 2016

    started Celtis Healthcare Ltd based at UK, for imports-exports of clinical trials.

  • In 2018

    Started Celtis Healthcare LLC based at USA, for imports-exports of clinical trials with US FDA approval.